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Yousheng Club is a public community organization independently founded and operated by students from Qingdao campus of Hongwen School. Since the establishment of the school in 2009, the school has been committed to cultivating students' social responsibility and comprehensive development capabilities through organizing and participating in various public activities on and off campus. As a representative, Yousheng Club not only provides students with a platform to showcase and exercise their abilities, but also makes positive contributions to society by hosting various public activities.

Club profile

"The woods are being cut, and the birds are chirping.They come from the valley and move to the trees.They chirp, and they seek their friends' voices." Yousheng Club is a public welfare association founded and operated by students in Qingdao campus of Hongwen School, and is also the earliest and largest student association in the school.With the advocacy of "dignity and public welfare" as the fundamental, it organizes and launches various public welfare activities for teachers, students and caring people of Hongwen School;with the practical actions of "dedication" and "altruism", it builds a community of Hongwen under the "culture of love". Since 2018, it has participated in the Sunday volunteer service of the Rishantang public welfare restaurant, with nearly 500 people actively participating and the cumulative service time of more than 2200 hours. It has visited Linyi Chunyou Primary School 11 times to raise love donations to help students from poor families, and helped the school set up a book corner, completely replace eye-protecting lamps and completely renovate dry toilets.

 The "Turn Trees into Trees" waste paper recycling activities, the "Care for Life" stray animal rescue activities, the Yousheng Ji'ai donating books and mutual reading activities, etc., have also been carried out on the campus.